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Welcome to No Kill Williamson County TN!

No kill Williamson county is an all volunteer 501 c 3 animal organization. Our mission has evolved but our core remains-we fight and care for the underdog.

We are a sanctuary and not a rescue. Currently, we are not accepting new, permanent residents. If you're needing to re-home or surrender a dog or cat, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to offer guidance. 


No Kill Williamson County TN is an all volunteer group of concerned citizens dedicated to providing a lifesaving guarantee to every animal that is not a threat to society and has a treatable condition. We believe in partnering with our community leaders to assure safe and dignified care for all animals within our community shelters.

We love to share resources for our community! Check out our Resources page and Williamson County Animal Center's list of adoptable pets!

If you feel the urge to donate, we thank you in advance! 

Around Frankie's Farm

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