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No Kill Williamson County TN is an all volunteer group of concerned citizens dedicated to providing a lifesaving guarantee to every animal that is not a threat to society and has a treatable condition.

How to become a member of the Frankie’s Farm Family

It takes a special person to volunteer at Frankie’s Farm. That’s why we
call our volunteers “family members”. Most volunteers have cared for
the animals at Frankie’s for a very long time. They see the bigger
picture and understand the mission-all animals deserve dignity, care
and love-no matter the disposition or circumstance. Many of the
animals at Frankie’s have lived their entire lives outdoors. It’s all they
have known. Most are seniors and have lived with one another since birth.

Volunteer duties include feeding, giving fresh water, cleaning stalls and
socializing. We have morning and afternoon duties, 7 days a week.
Arrival time is flexible. Upon the completion of orientation, you will be
able to sign up to volunteer on our monthly online calendar. We
recommend volunteering at least twice a month for the dogs’ and cats’
sake, as consistency helps build familiarity.  At this time, we are looking
for volunteers who can commit to 2 or more days a month. It’s been
said that it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes
automatic-66 days to be exact! It’s our wish that new volunteers sign
up for a 2-month trial period. Currently, we are unable to
accommodate remote, drop-in, or short-term volunteers.

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